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Expert Auto Body Paint Services for Discerning Birmingham Customers

Are you in need of a complete paint makeover for your aging vehicle to get it back in like-new shape? Or perhaps you've just experienced an unexpected accident or collision and need somer restorative work done in a hurry? Either way, you have come to the right place. As Birmingham's most trusted name in auto body paint and restoration, you can count of on our team of seasoned experts to do the job right the first time and have your vehicle looking its best.

Whether you are looking for a complete restoration job that covers everything between both bumpers or you just need to touch up a little scratch, the story never changes: Our advanced auto body paint systems, years of expertise, and friendly customer service are the perfect match for your unique paint restoration or repair needs.

Spies Hecker Waterborne Paint System: Only the Best for Our Customers

Speaking of advanced auto body paint systems, now is a great time to fill you in on the groundbreaking platform from Spies Hecker utilized by our staff of expertly trained paint professionals. For the last 20 years, this premium waterborne basecoat system has drastically revolutionized how high-end automotive paint shops provide outstanding service and eye-popping results to car owners who need a paint touch-up, a complete front-to-back restoration, and all of the options in between.

Cutting-Edge Resin Technology

One of the most impressive facets of using Spies Hecker equipment comes from the fact that this platform utilizes unique resin technology. By incorporating a proprietary blend of resin into its product, Spies Hecker has eliminated the need to flash between the application of coats of paint – which in turn allows the paint to dry and harden after only a few minutes.

Going a step further, the basecoat for your car's new paint job requires only 1.5 spray passes and can be applied even while the previous coat is still wet. When paired with the aforementioned benefits and the fact that this system significantly increases the control our technicians have over the final product, it makes sense that Spies Hecker reports that shops that use their products save up to 31 percent on material costs – a savings that we are proud to pass along to you as part of our commitment to providing the best possible prices on automotive paint jobs here in Birmingham AL.

Options and Innovations Galore

Being at the top of the industry doesn't mean you have the luxury of resting on your laurels. Spies Hecker understands this, which is why they continue to innovate and develop new products that enhance our ability to serve you and meet – or exceed – your expectations.

Specifically, by listening to customer feedback over the years, this industry leader has developed over 53,000 new paint colors and a variety of tools our team can use to achieve total accuracy when mixing and applying your preferred tint and gloss level of clearcoat. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that major automakers, premium refinishers, and countless others in more than 75 countries across the globe use Spies Hecker products each and every day.

Perhaps the most important innovation of all coming out of the engineering labs at Spies Hecker is a continued commitment to pioneering eco-friendly products and technology. By strictly adhering to the volatile organic compound specifications instituted by the Environmental Protection Agency, Spies Hecker has ensured that its waterborne basecoat product is safe to use on each and every vehicle that comes through our auto body paint shop.

Secure Your Outstanding New Paint Job Today

Now that you are up to speed with all of the benefits associated with having the team of experts here at Stivers Ford of Birmingham take care of your automotive paint needs, there is really only one topic left to tackle: Are you ready to get your car back to like-new condition? If so, go ahead and call (205) 941-6070 today to schedule your quick and easy appointment with a friendly member of the Stivers Ford of Birmingham team. After doing this, it won't be long before we have your car back out on the streets of Birmingham and turning heads once more thanks to a beautiful new coat of premium paint.

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