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Used Ford F-150 in Birmingham AL

Posted at Fri, Dec 29, 2023 8:30 PM

Stivers Ford of Birmingham - Used Ford F-150 in Birmingham AL

Nothing is built like a Ford F-150. Ford's secret to this model's design is the materials it uses to build it. F-150 models are constructed with a military-grade aluminum alloy fully boxed steel frame. This provides the rigidity and commanding control that the F-150 is famous for in Birmingham Alabama. Some businesses with a lighter workload even choose the F-150 to be a part of their productivity. Stivers Ford of Birmingham recommends that even businesses with a tidy budget to spend think about a used Ford F-150 in Birmingham. Families and solo drivers can also benefit from a used model and take home more of the F-150's famous features.


By 2019, the F-150 had set the standard for what a modern pickup should be. This is the year Ford added a 12-inch touchscreen infotainment system for the truck and updated it to include technology rich in trailering technology. A 2019 used Ford F-150 has depreciated in monetary value, but that's good news for used truck buyers in Birmingham Alabama. Buying a used version of this truck means taking home better features and a more fully loaded trim. Here are a few other key features of pre-owned Ford F-150 models that make them such great buys at Stivers Ford of Birmingham.

Built Strong

Ford's "Built Ford Tough" slogan isn't just catchy. It's true. Their trucks come with a military-grade frame that can take anything you dish out at them. That makes them a fantastic used purchase. People have regard for the F-150, and that usually translates to a used model in great shape. A tough new truck eventually becomes a legendary used one.


Ford renovated their F-150 trucks many years ago to reflect the sophisticated style of our current decade. They also innovated and created interiors that are ahead of their time. If you want a luxurious truck, the F-150 can be this truck for you. Later trims come with features like Max-Recline seats, captain's chairs, and leather upholstery with high-end accent stitching.

Unstoppable Drive

If you're driven to do things the right way, the used Ford F-150 in Birmingham makes a great partner. In 2019, the truck delivered 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque with its High-Output EcoBoost V6 engine. Standard horsepower for the 2019 F-150 was 290 horsepower, but there are many engines to choose from between the standard and the fully powered high-output V6 engine. Two transmissions were available to help drivers make the most of their power: a 6-speed SelectShift automatic transmission and a 10-speed SelectShift automatic. You'll find all these powerful combinations of the used Ford F-150 at Stivers Ford of Birmingham.

Why People Buy a Used Ford F-150

There's zero risk in buying a used vehicle these days. Thanks to automakers like Ford, modern powertrains aren't designed for 100,000 miles and a less than a decade of service. They run strong and live multiple lifetimes with different drivers. At one time, people bought new because that was the only way they could get a long-lasting pickup truck. Now used models offer the same thing at less cost.

People love the variety of used trucks

To make the right choice, the right choice has to be in front of you. Not every current lineup is going to have the design and features you want. And even if they did, new dealer fees and ad fees often make that model unattainable. Used models cover generations of an automaker's style. If you don't like the new F-150 models, you can always go back and get a used Ford F-150 in Birmingham.

Low depreciation

Watching the value of a new truck rapidly tick downward in the first year is too depressing for many people to take. A used model holds its value well.

Better features available

New models ask a lot for even base models just because it's new. However, you can get the same cloth seating, great touchscreen, and high performance from a used model. Buying used generally means being able to buy a higher, better-equipped trim in Birmingham Alabama.

Test Drive a Used Ford F-150 in Birmingham

The F-150 is as iconic as a truck can be. Please contact Stivers Ford of Birmingham to find out more about our used F-150 inventory or schedule a test drive of your favorite models and trims. You can browse through our inventory online. Also Serving Hoover, Bessemer, Trussville AL.

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