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Oil Change Service

Ford Oil Change Service in Birmingham, AL

We recommend that Ford owners choose us for oil changes completed according to Ford standards by certified technicians with OEM motor oil and filters.


Ford Oil Change Service in Birmingham, AL

Since the early days, Ford has been an automotive industry leader, engineering top-quality combustion engines known for smooth-shifting, durable reliability. Getting the most out of your Ford’s engine involves OEM-certified motor oil receiving regular oil changes at the recommended interval. Oil changes remove broken-down oil, introduce fresh lubrication at peak viscosity, and keep the engine running as smoothly as possible for longer. We recommend that Ford owners choose us for oil changes completed according to Ford standards by certified technicians with OEM motor oil and filters. Contact us for your next oil change or high mileage oil change service at Stivers Ford of Birmingham, serving Hoover, Gardendale, Irondale, and Bessemer, AL.


Ford Full-Synthetic Oil Change Service



Full-synthetic motor oil is the most advanced combustion engine lubricant, with the smallest molecule, thinnest viscosity, extended compositional retention, and less frequent changes required every 10,000 miles in standard driving conditions. Choosing full-synthetic motor oil is an excellent way to optimize engine lubrication, component protection, and life.

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Ford Semi-Synthetic Oil Change Service



Semi-synthetic motor oil features a mixed composition of synthetic base stock and conventional oils, explaining why engine oil manufacturers also call it synthetic blend. The mixed composition yields the best of both worlds, allowing Ford owners to achieve better engine lubrication than conventional while escaping full-synthetic’s premium price. Semi-synthetic oil has a 5,000 to 7,500-mile change interval.

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Ford Conventional Oil Change Service



Conventional motor oil is considered the standard combustion engine lubricant as it was universally adopted by the automotive industry years ago in the post-WW2 era. Conventional motor oil is refined petroleum with additives to improve its performance within the engine’s extreme environment. Conventional motor oil is the most budget-friendly option but requires more frequent oil changes every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

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Ford Diesel Oil Change Service



Some Ford owners prefer diesel engines for a few advantages compared to gasoline engines, such as generating greater torque with less fuel, extended fuel range, reduced maintenance, and operating cost. Diesel engines require specialized motor oil with enhanced anti-wear additives. We stock OEM diesel motor oil recommended for Ford models.

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Ford Oil Change Service



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Ford owners can visit the Quick Lane® for an oil change without scheduling an appointment. Customers who prefer oil change service appointments can schedule online at any time or by calling the service department when open. We welcome customers to relax in the comfortable waiting area furnished with high-definition TVs, magazines, newspapers, and vending machines.

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