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Power System Steering Service

Ford Power System Steering Service

Ford Power System Steering Service

Ford Power Steering Service in Birmingham, Serving Hoover and Gardendale, AL

Our comprehensive service menu includes power steering service according to Ford-certified quality. Choosing us for power steering service secures a certified technician who gained Ford power steering system expertise from methodical factory training and firsthand experience with inspections/diagnoses, formulating repairs, and executing service according to factory specifications. We complete power steering system services in a state-of-the-art facility with genuine OEM parts matching the original’s dimensions, material quality, and performance. Continue reading about Ford-certified power steering system service. Check the current specials to reduce the cost of certified power steering service quality. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at Stivers Ford of Birmingham.

Ford-Certified Power Steering System Service, Near Bessemer and Irondale, AL

Every Ford has a power steering system that allows drivers to steer their vehicles with little steering wheel input force. When you turn the steering wheel, the power steering system amplifies the input force and sends it to the steering components for quick and smooth directional change. Power steering is a mechanical system with several components susceptible to depreciation and repairs that are increasingly likely at higher miles, including the power steering fluid, pump/motor, and gearbox. Power steering fluid can collect contaminants that negatively impact hydraulic performance. Hydraulic power steering fluid will leak from faulty components. We provide power steering fluid exchange to remove compromised fluid while installing fresh OEM fluid to the specified capacity. The power steering pump generates the force necessary to turn the steering wheel easily. Ford models manufactured after 2010 have an electric power steering motor, while older models have a belt-driven pump. Power steering motors and pumps can wear out with use and require replacement. We can also repair faulty power steering motor sensors and electrical wiring. The power steering gearbox has internal gears for transmitting amplified input force from the steering wheel to a linkage pivoting the wheels. We provide power steering gearbox repairs for worn seals, gaskets, and o-rings. Excessive power steering gearbox degradation requires replacement service.

Power Steering Malfunction Indicators

Contact us for a prompt power steering system inspection/diagnosis if you notice any of the power steering malfunction indicators:

  • Difficulty turning the steering wheel
  • Power steering fluid leaks, puddles, or stains
  • Squealing noise when starting the engine
  • Whining noise when turning the steering wheel
  • Low power steering fluid requiring replenishment
Power System Steering Service



Schedule Service at Stivers Ford of Birmingham, AL

Ford owners can schedule a power steering system service online or by phone. The online service scheduler offers maximum convenience with constant accessibility and rapid information collection finished within minutes. We have a comfortable waiting area with reading material, vending machines, and high-definition TVs.

Complimentary Stivers Ford of Birmingham Amenities

Bringing your Ford in for maintenance or repairs is convenient and easy at Stivers Ford of Birmingham – and we make sure you enjoy your stay in our comfortable waiting area, too! Schedule service online or call us; then, head to Stivers Ford of Birmingham.

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