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Used Ford Bronco for Sale in Birmingham AL

Used Ford Bronco Overview

The latest design of Ford Bronco was announced in 2017. It first hit dealerships in 2020, a year when the the auto industry shifted in dramatic ways. That didn't slow the first new Ford Bronco down at all. The model was a resounding success from the very beginning and a darling of off-roaders. Stivers Ford of Birmingham sells a lot of used Ford Bronco for sale in Birmingham models because this is one of the most adventurous SUVs in the last few decades. It has style, off-roading equipment, plenty of interior tech, and so much more.

Birmingham AL - 2023 Ford Bronco's Overview
Birmingham AL - 2023 Ford Bronco's Exterior

Why Do People Choose the Ford Bronco

Used models must prove themselves before becoming popular. Not every great new vehicle turns into a dependable pre-owned buy. Fortunately for Ford Bronco fans, you've chosen one of the best models to buy used.


For auto industry purposes, even a used Ford Bronco is well within what we'd consider current-gen. It comes with a sizable interior touchscreen, LED headlamps, and everything else you'd expect from a current model year vehicle. The model's first new showing included nice powertrain choices and between 181 horsepower and 250-horsepower performance. If you want a modern powertrain, modern equipment, and modern driver-assist features, the Ford Bronco is a top choice.

Birmingham AL - 2023 Ford Bronco's Interior
Birmingham AL - 2023 Ford Bronco's Mechanical

Retro Style

Ford toned down the four corners of the Bronco to make it align with modern styling, but those four corners are still a show of strength. Unlike most SUVs, the Bronco does away with the bubble look and takes things back to basics with a low-sitting hood and four distinct corners of style. The model's LED headlamps are mid-size instead of very slim or very large. There is less cladding on the Bronco than similar style models, and that body-color look gives it a very retro feel. Some used models will even come with a heritage trim.

Ford Safety

The Ford Bronco was born in a recent generation of American vehicle, so it has no trouble keeping up with the current model year on its safety features. Ford packed every model year of Bronco with features like pedestrian detection, safe exit assist, lane departure alert, and automatic emergency braking. Buying a used Bronco isn't a downgrade on safety just for the sake of money. You just pay less for the advanced features you get.

Stivers Ford of Birmingham has the Ford Bronco

Because of the Bronco is such a popular used model, we make every effort to stock our dealership full of Broncos. This one has a wild trim lineup that includes the Wildtrak, Badlands, and Black Diamond trims. It's also a very colorful model with unique Cyber Orange, Rapid Red, and Antimatter Blue. These colors look incredible when you're out there on a trail or heading to work for the day. They definitely make people notice the Bronco and show it respect.

Request more Used Ford Bronco for Sale in Birmingham AL information

We'd love to show you around our pre-owned Bronco inventory. This unique off-roader and family SUV is worth some research this year. Please call or write to us if you'd like to test drive a Bronco or learn more about what makes this model special.

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