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Used Ford Maverick for Sale in Birmingham AL

Used Ford Maverick Overview

Compact pickup truckers looking to save more than just a few bucks this year should pay attention to some of the newer used models we've got in stock at Stivers Ford of Birmingham Used. A used Ford Maverick rolls in with a fleet of awards behind it and the confidence of Ford's very picky customers. If you create a truck and put it behind the F-series and Ranger, it better hold up! Fortunately, the Maverick more than held up. It's already one of Ford's most legendary designs.

Birmingham AL - 2022 Ford Maverick's Overview
Birmingham AL - 2022 Ford Maverick's Exterior

People Love the Used Ford Maverick

The debut used Ford Maverick for sale in Birmingham comes with a payload of 1,500 pounds and seating for five people. It's designed to sit low to the ground and show off the Maverick's original true colors: Cyber Orange, Alto Blue, Carbonized Gray, and Oxford White. Three bold trims are available for a used Maverick: XL, XLT, and LARIAT. These are for now Ford's choice for the current model year of Maverick, too.

Big Power from a Small Truck

The model's top horsepower is 250 HP and comes with 277 lb-ft of torque, two powerful statements about why you should buy the used Ford Maverick at Stivers Ford of Birmingham Used. This power comes from a 2.0L EcoBoost engine and delivers 4,000 pounds of towing capacity alongside the impressive horsepower and torque ratings.

Birmingham AL - 2022 Ford Maverick's Interior
Birmingham AL - 2022 Ford Maverick's Mechanical

Creative Storage

The model's door panels come with deep-pocket storage, and you'll also find under-seat storage for the model's rear seats. Smaller cargo is often one of the most annoying things about traveling. If you don't have a place to store it, every trip feels cramped and uninspiring. Thanks to the Maverick's great storage solutions, you'll always have a spot for your mobile devices and other small storage items.

Unbelievably Handsome

How sharp is the used Maverick? When you get this one for sale in Birmingham, you'll find it's much more "rounded" on its edges than other Ford trucks. There aren't just robust side panels, but the truck's hood also gets a very thick and angled look. The Maverick's headlamps are artful, too. They in a unique design that seems to mesh well into the blacked out mesh grille. The used Ford Maverick for sale in Birmingham is a truck that you're going to show off to friends.

Buying Used is the Smartest New Trend

Used trucks have taken over all across the United States. People finally realized that with the last generation's durable powertrains, they don't have to worry about retiring a truck when it hits 100,000 or even 200,000 miles. These trucks are drafted into service with the durability to go through multiple decades and model generations.

Get More Choice

There's only one new model year, but shopping used usually means getting way more to choose from. Even if you're talking about a truck like the Maverick, you're soon to have twice as many choices as you do in the new lineup. Even better, the Maverick's time in the sun is now. It's a brand new model from Ford and is just building its legend. By shopping for a used Maverick, you're shopping for the original Maverick and taking it home while it's only a year old.

Used Ford Trucks

New models are untested and less reviewed than used models. Because they haven't traveled many miles, no one knows if the truck's suspension systems, electronics, and powertrains are out there performing right. It's hard to know what kind of problems you might face with a new model. With used models, you have a better idea of what maintenance and repair costs might be because people have shared their own experiences with an older truck.

Save on Insurance

Insurance costs add a lot of extra costs to trucks. Most folks don't even consider how much insurance elevates how cost-effective a truck is. However, a used model comes with deep discounts on vehicle insurance. You'll save money every month with a used Ford Maverick for sale in Birmingham.

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