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Used Ford Transit for Sale in Birmingham AL

Used Ford Transit Overview

The Ford Transit is a prestigious cargo/passenger van model for our Stivers Ford of Birmingham customers. This one is almost always available near Hoover Bessemer Huntsville. Businesses and owners take good care of these vans because they recognize their value. If any model comes to us in need of some cleanup, our team restores and details them for our customers. Here's why we believe the used Ford Transit makes a great buy for businesses and families.

Birmingham AL - 2022 Ford Transit's Overview
Birmingham AL - 2022 Ford Transit's Exterior

Used Ford Transit Advantage

Most people these days strongly consider a used model before a new one. With pre-owned models, you've got a suite of advantages that aren't available on the latest model. The most recognized advantage to buying a used Ford Transit for sale in Birmingham is that you save on overall cost. If you bought the same model new, it would cost you more in insurance, registration, and dealership fees. Don't just consider money before buying at Stivers Ford of Birmingham. Look at the overall value of the Transit. It has so much to offer our customers near Hoover Bessemer Huntsville.

Incredible Versatility

In addition to being a powerhouse on performance, a used Ford Transit for sale in Birmingham also comes in so many different varieties that it's impossible to miss out on your dream van. Used models come with their features all intact. There's no reason to "upgrade and pay more" with a used Transit. If you see a 310 horsepower Transit for sale, it's available with all its interior features even if they were upgrades by a previous owner. This is a great way to get leather seating and upgraded features for zero bucks.

Birmingham AL - 2022 Ford Transit's Interior
Birmingham AL - 2022 Ford Transit's Mechanical


These models hold up well even against the heavy loads they sometimes haul. A 2019 Transit came with up to 7,500 pounds of max towing capacity (cargo van). Even the passenger van is capable of 5,100 pounds, making it the perfect hauler for large families with possessions like campers or watercraft. The exterior of a used Ford Transit is designed to endure against these heavy loads or some rough drives over the years. You can enjoy a used Transit without having to worry about damaging it. It'll stand up to everything that's dished out.

Surprisingly Modern Tech

Not every cargo or passenger van comes with modern technology like touchscreen displays. So many other automakers leave this important part out. Ford isn't those other automakers. They've given models like the 2019 Transit 8-inch touchscreen infotainment systems for awhile now. For businesses, a touchscreen provides better GPS services and voice recognition. This frees up the driver to focus on driving and do their job instead of worrying about inconveniences like getting lost on the way to a big project.

Buy from Stivers Ford of Birmingham

Our dealership near Hoover Bessemer Huntsville makes shopping for a used van feel as pleasant as a Sunday drive. Our commercial sales team is trained and devoted to the local businesses here who need to take home a great commercial fleet. The productive Transit is one of the most popular choices from our used inventory. It's capable of hauling passengers or cargo as needed.

The online shopping features we offer give you a chance to get free quotes, apply for financing online, or immediately speak to a member of our team through Live Chat. You'll also find contact information so that you can text us or email us as needed. For businesses who want to customize, contact our auto service team. They're always there to customize and add graphics to your commercial fleet. The Transit is a fun van to customize.

Request more Used Ford Transit for Sale in Birmingham AL information

For used shoppers, nothing is more valuable than the test drive. You take control of your favorite Transit to see if it's what you're looking for. A test drive is usually the final confirmation buyers need before financing a used model from us. If you love what you've read about the Ford Transit here today, please contact a member of our team. We've got a huge selection of Transit models for sale and are here to answer your questions about any model we've got in stock right now.

*This article is for informational purposes only. Please contact the dealership for complete and current details.

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