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Brake Pad Replacement Service

Ford Brake Pad Replacement Service in Birmingham, AL



Ford Brake Pad Replacement in Birmingham, AL

We operate a Ford service department where we provide brake pad replacement service. Brake pad replacement service begins as the certified technician removes the wheels to expose the calipers holding the pads. We unbolt the calipers, open the brake fluid reservoir, retract the caliper pistons, and remove the brake pads. We inspect the calipers, lines, rotors, hardware, and fluid to ensure additional maintenance is not recommended. We install brand-new genuine OEM brake pads to specifications. Contact us to schedule a front, rear, or complete brake pad replacement service at Stivers Ford of Birmingham, serving Hoover, Gardendale, Bessemer, and Irondale, AL.

Brake Pads and Replacement Maintenance Explained

Your Ford’s braking system generates resistance to forward momentum by clamping brake pads into the rotors bolted to the wheels. Brake pads handle intense friction and heat contingent upon speed and braking habits. Although brake pads feature a high-friction metal composite designed for the job, they ultimately wear down and require replacement when measuring 3-4mm. Front and rear brake pads tend to wear down at variable rates, so we provide replacement service as needed when worn. We can replace the rear, front, or all brake pads depending upon the inspection’s results.

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Worn Brake Pad Indicators

Knowing the worn brake pad indicators and getting service in response can save you the hassles of poor braking when you need it most. Here are common symptoms associated with depleted brake pads:

  • Dashboard brake pad warning light (equipped models)
  • High-pitched squealing noise (caused by wear indicator tabs striking the rotor)
  • Metallic grinding noise (caused by the pads’ steel backing plate striking the rotor)
  • Pulling toward one side when braking
  • Brake pedal vibration
  • Requiring greater distance/time to stop




The Genuine OEM Brake Pad Advantage

Choosing certified Ford service guarantees that your brake pad replacement includes genuine OEM parts. Genuine OEM brake pads fit perfectly and deliver durable performance. Brake pad replacement at an independent shop or quick-lube chain exposes your Ford to substandard braking due to aftermarket pads. Prevent substandard service and poor braking with certified Ford brake pad replacement service at Stivers Ford of Birmingham.

Ford Brake Pad Replacement Service



Schedule Brake Pad Replacement Service at Stivers Ford of Birmingham, AL

Ford owners schedule a brake pad replacement service online, by phone, or in person. Online service scheduling is always available and completed within minutes. Customers can call or stop by during open hours to schedule with our helpful staff.

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