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Brake System Service

Ford Brake System Service in Birmingham, AL

Choosing a certified Ford service department like ours ensures top-quality brake services performed to factory standards.


Ford Brake Service in Birmingham, AL

Every Ford has a hydraulic braking system that generates resistance to forward momentum. Your Ford’s braking system relies on several essential components requiring routine maintenance when worn or otherwise depleted. Choosing a certified Ford service department like ours ensures top-quality brake services performed to factory standards. We employ factory-trained and certified technicians who know the Ford braking system through extensive hands-on experience. We only install genuine OEM parts and fluid for brake services and never aftermarkets. We publish monthly maintenance offers commonly featuring brake services. Continue reading about the brake service available and schedule an appointment today at Stivers Ford of Birmingham, serving Gardendale, Irondale, Hoover, and Bessemer, AL.


Certified Ford Brake Services


Ford Brake System Inspection/Diagnosis Service


Brake System Inspection/Diagnosis

Every Ford owner needs regular brake system inspections to know when components need maintenance. We also perform brake system diagnosis in response to problems, such as taking longer to stop, eardrum-piercing screeching or grinding noises, dashboard warning light, brake pedal vibration, or pulling toward the side when braking.

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Ford Brake Fluid Exchange Service


Brake Fluid Exchange

Brake fluid transfers stopping force from the master cylinder into the calipers that press pads/linings into the rotors bolted to the wheels. Brake fluid collects moisture that ruins its hydraulic property, and it requires exchange service every two to three years.

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Ford Brake Pad Replacement Service


Brake Pad Replacement

High-friction pads at each wheel generate the intense friction and resistance necessary for braking. We provide front, rear, or all pad replacement service when they measure no less than 3-4mm.

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Ford Brake Rotor Resurfacing/Replacement Service


Brake Rotor Resurfacing/Replacement

Brake rotors develop grooves that reduce the surface area for creating friction and resistance. Resurfacing service restores flatness by removing the grooves. Rotors with deep grooves or warping must be replaced.

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Ford Brake Component Repair Service


Brake Component Repairs

Braking component repairs become increasingly probable with higher miles and severe use. We can repair braking components, such as the lines, hoses, hardware, calipers, and master cylinder.

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Ford Brake System Service



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Ford owners can schedule service using their preferred method: online service scheduler, by phone, or in-person at the dealership. We recommend online service scheduling if interested in booking your appointment at any time without a phone call. Many customers book brake service appointments by phone during open hours with our friendly staff. Some customers who live or work nearby choose to drop by the dealership to schedule in person.

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